Dinner with a fellow Swaziland volunteer.

Last night I had the chance to have dinner with another volunteer that will be going to Swaziland with me. Group 10 in Swaziland (I am in Group 11) set up a Facebook group so that we would be able to ask questions and get to know each other before we arrive in country. Through this group I was able to meet Barbara. This is actually her third experience with the Peace Corps (definitely encouraging to hear that someone is coming back for not just a second round but a third!!!!)

We actually ended up having dinner and talking for about three hours. It was nice to be able to hear that our fears and concerns were similar. I can talk about the trip with anyone but a conversation with another person on this emotional roller coaster is different experience. We were able to share about our frustrations with the application process. I was glad to know I was not alone in my annoyance over the amount of time this process actually takes.

I think the best part of the dinner is that we actually got along. I was nervous that we would meet and have nothing to talk about besides Swaziland and Peace Corps. Now we did meet in order to talk about the Peace Corps but not having anything else in common would leave us in a bad place for when we actually arrive in country. We shared about family, friends, book interests, card games and travel hopes. I am glad that I will be able to go into this next month knowing that there will be at least one familiar face when I get off the plane in Swaziland.


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