Staging and Flight Information

Finally!! On Thursday May 23rd I got my staging information from the Peace Corps. This is the email that I have been waiting for! I now officially know that I will be leaving the Chicago area on June 25th and I will be leaving the country on June 26th. On June 25th I get to fly to Philadelphia and meet up with the other members of Peace Corps Swaziland Group 11. We were able to make it work so that about six or seven of us will be meeting up at baggage claim at the airport and then riding to our hotel together. I’m sure we will all be anxious and nervous and going as a group could help cut down on some of travel stress for this first leg of our long trip.
On June 26th we will be leaving the airport at the nice and bright hour of 3am and riding a bus to JFK airport in New York. From there we have a 15 hour flight to Johannesburg, South Africa and then a 45 minute flight to Manzini, Swaziland. It the flights are all on time we will be in Swaziland by 2pm local time on June 27th.
The countdown has official begun and I leave in 27 days!
Also, I have added some maps below. I wanted to give everyone a reference for where Swaziland actually is and then when I start talking about cities you can refer to the country map.
map of Swaziland
locator map of Swaziland

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