Moving into the training villages.

G11 (Group 11 in Swaziland) is down to 33 from our initial 34. One of our group members decided to leave on Friday morning. We don’t know the official reason. The CD (Country Director) talked with the group about it on Saturday and told us it is common to have people leave because not everyone has the same reasons for coming but that he is hoping our group will stay strong at 33. It’s sad that someone has decided to leave so soon but we all have our reasons for coming and our reasons for staying. I hope that he is able to find happiness at home in the States.

I am having a great time learning the language. It is really complicated but fun at the same time. My teacher is really funny and very helpful. She has been very patient with all of our questions. There are four people in my language group, including myself. We are all moving in families near where our teacher is staying so that she can teach us about the customs and show us around in between our language lessons.

Today we got to venture into town for the first time. We went to the mall. I mostly just did window shopping but it was nice to get out and see part of the country besides the facility we are staying at. Tomorrow we move to our training villages though so really my experience will change drastically. 

Also I will work on getting pictures up. Internet is limited so it’s hard. Swaziland is beautiful though and I am currently living among the foot hills of some mountain range. I will do my best to share that beauty with all of you. 

Please let  me know if you want to know anything about Swaziland. I am learning a lot and would love to share.

Until next time, Sala kahle (Stay well!)


4 thoughts on “Moving into the training villages.

  1. Sounds very exciting. The family experience will be incredible, I am sure. Cant wait to see photos and hear more.
    Overheard about a way someone wants to track world travels (I shouldnt be un supervised at starbucks) she wants a world map tattoo on her foot and then will color in the places she has been. Made me think of your maps!

  2. WOW…Already so enveloped into the culture and surroundings. I’m very excited for you. Stay strong my friend. We all look forward to your posts & pics.

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