Home is Where the Heart is…

This is one of those phrases that you hear and think, “sure that makes sense, home is where my family is, not the structure I live in.” This week I really learned the meaning of that phrase. Since I’ve been here I missed some significant life events, a wedding, my niece learning to walk and talk, and my little brother finally learning to swim underwater (after years of me poking and prodding to try and make that happen). None of those life events are as painful as the one I am missing this week. On Tuesday January 14th, my uncle passed away. It was kind of sudden. He started to have health concerns in the fall but everyone was staying optimistic and hoping for improvement.

When my dad called to let me know I just kept thinking how big and yet how small the world is at the same time. If I were in the states I can’t guarantee that I would have been able to make the trip to see him. Work or distance in the states could have gotten in the way just as easily as the ocean that is separating me currently. I have family spread all across the states and I know that not all of them will be able to make it back for the funeral, so I know I am not alone in my current desire for a smaller world that would make trips home for important events like this so much easier.

I knew things at home would change while I was gone. It has happened before to all of us when we leave for college, work, grad school, or move for a job. I know more things will change in the 19 months I have left in Swaziland and that makes me a little sad. I’m hoping for many more good changes instead of the sad ones. Here’s to hoping it works out that way.

So this is for all of my family throughout the states. Even though I can’t be home at this time, know that I love you all and that my heart and mind are with you all. Swaziland might be the place I currently live but my home will always be with all of you.

I’ll always love and miss you uncle Andy. I will do my best to channel your smart-ass comments the next time I need to tell off a pushy man in the bus rank. 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Home is Where the Heart is…

  1. I am sending you a big hug. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine how proud your uncle was of you. He probably bragged about you to everyone. While you are not at home for his funeral, you can be assured that he took the love you have for him with him when he left. Think of you often…

    • Missy, thank you for the kind words. It’s difficult not being home but at least I am able to reach my family by phone and stay connected in that way. My uncle was a pretty cool dude who will be missed by many but I know that he was happy for me and this experience.

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