Megan’s Running a Half Marathon!!!

So I am currently training for the Two Oceans Half Marathon that will take place in Cape Town, South Africa on April 19th. I am running for a charity, the National Institute for the Deaf. In order to run for them I am helping to raise some money. This is actually a great opportunity for me and my work with Peace Corps. As you know I am working/living at a school for the Deaf in Swaziland. The National Institute for the Deaf is a center for higher learning in South Africa. Nothing like NID exists in Swaziland. I am excited for the opportunity to run for NID and at the same time gain information and a connection that can help the students at the school I work at in Swaziland.

Please take a minute to look at this page and donate if you can. The conversion rate is explained in the description.

Thanks for reading and helping support two great causes, NID and the students in Swaziland.


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