Sisterhood of the Traveling Necklace

I’ve made three great friends since I’ve been here. We hang out as a group and sometimes individually but all three of them are fantastic ladies. We have a few nicknames: The Quad (from another PCV), the Wolf Pack (reference to the Hangover) and then sometimes I call us the Sisterhood of the Traveling Necklace. Like the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants we have a group of four girls that share and item and mail it back and forth. In our case it’s a necklace and not a pair of jeans. Also we trade it in person when we see each other but do plan on mailing it when we return to the states.

The story behind the necklace…So in May we were at Bushfire, an annual music festival in Swaziland. We were perusing the vendor stalls and came across a stall selling jewelry. They had these beautiful necklaces of the map of Africa with a dot placed over Swaziland. The necklace was priced at E200 (about $20 USD). None of us had an extra E200 to spare but we each had E50. Thus the idea was born. We would split the cost of the necklace and share it. We would trade it on and off while in Swaziland and then continue to mail it when back in the states. The idea seems crazy and whimsical but it’s been a great additional bond to our friendship. We have a connection and a story for the necklace. Its dear to each one of us.

These ladies are my best friends here. We hang out in town together, chat on whatsapp all night long, go hiking, zip lining, or just plan nights in town so we can eat. We have had a successful taco night and dessert night. I’m not always the biggest fan of Peace Corps or Swaziland but I am thankful for both because they brought these ladies into my life. I know our friendship will last beyond Swaziland and Peace Corps. I look forward to our reunion trips where we can explore more of the world together. So for my belated Thanksgiving post, I’m thankful for the amazing friendships that I’ve developed here. These girls rock!!IMG_3991


2 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the Traveling Necklace

  1. What a wonderful post and great idea of the traveling necklace. You are making memories that will last a lifetime. 🙂

  2. We agree with the post above–great photos, looks like a wonderful place to hike, and a cool connection the necklace provides with your friends. Sounds like the four of you make a neat group, and we are confident the lifelong connection will be special. We hope you get to enjoy the Christmas holiday by sharing some time with your new friends. Aud and T

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