Summer Break and the Holidays

Since the seasons are reversed for me here in Swaziland, we have our summer break in December and January. This is nice because it covers the Holidays in December but it’s also painful because that means it is the middle of the summer on Christmas day. No white Christmas for this girl. It was near 100 degrees on Christmas day this year for me. I celebrated with friends that came to stay at my house. We made this decision in order to spend the holiday together but save money by not having to pay accommodation. The problem was I live in the hot region and we had six people in my house. It was a hot and sticky Christmas but the food and company were great.

After Christmas I headed to South Africa for vacation. First to a little beach town, St. Lucia on the east of South Africa. It’s a tiny little town, just one street really, but it was nice. We went out to dinner and to the beach. We also got to go on a hippo and crocodile boat tour. We saw so many hippos! We stayed for two days and enjoyed the fun and sun.

We then headed to Durban. We were excited to be heading to a big city with restaurants and food we can’t get in Swaziland. I may have had Mexican food three times in five days. The beach in Durban was fantastic. The ocean is nice and we were able to go swimming several days. The heat was even enjoyable because at least we could cool off in the ocean, unlike in Swaziland. On NYE we went to a big music festival at the stadium and got to see a bunch of live bands. We danced in the rain/thunder under a tent in a park. It was a unique and memorable NYE for sure.

I enjoyed my holidays but after eight weeks with no school, I was ready for school to start again. It was set to start January 20th but on January 13th it was announced in the newspaper that school would be pushed back to January 27th due to a national holiday that consists of weeding the kings field (yes this is real). So school got pushed back another week but we’ve started now and things are moving right ahead.

Only about 6.5 months left here in Swaziland. I’m getting excited about coming home. I can’t wait to eat all the food!!!……oh and see all the people šŸ˜‰


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