Moving within Swaziland

For the last 18 months I’ve been living and working at a school for the Deaf in Swaziland. Due to several complicated reasons PC and I came to an understanding that I should move to finish my service somewhere else. I’m still in Peace Corps and I’m still in Swaziland. I will just be working and living somewhere else for the remainder of my time here. I will not discuss the reasons at length here, as I still am in the country and do not want to have conflicts with people from the school if I see them. Overall the move is sad because I have gotten to know the students and some staff from the school very well and will miss seeing them and spending time with them. I will miss my little friends Shlelelo and Melo, but this move is a good thing. It is better for me to be in a new place with a new and real job expectation. It’s bittersweet to be moving but I know that it’s for the best and that I tried my best at my first site, things can only get better at my new one.

I moved to an NGO in northern Swaziland, the Hhhohho region, that has a variety of projects. I will be working with the early childhood projects. I will be assisting, facilitating and monitoring preschool teachers and their trainings. The theme they are focusing on this year is special education, so it’s something that I can work with relatively easily, having worked in special ed in the states and here in Swaziland. I am excited for the new challenges that this role will give me. I know I will be much busier but I think that means I will just be better prepared for adjustment back into the working world of the states.

Only about 6-7 months left here in Swaziland. I’m definitely ready to come home. I miss people, food, cars and washing machines. Towards the end of April/beginning of May I should have an actual leave date and the countdown can begin!

New Address:

Megan Wicklund PCV

PO Box 229

Piggs Peak




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