Oh the memories…

In honor of my two-year anniversary in Swaziland on June 27th, I’ve decided to make a list of some memories that stand out to me.

– The small neighbor children during training trying to “borrow me” their cat

– Boiling so much water in my closed house that my tin roof rained on me while I was sleeping (condensation, ugh)

– Finding out where I would be living for the next two years and seeing that I actually had multiple rooms but sadly no furniture

– First Christmas away from family but being able to have a good dinner and go hiking with good friends here

– First vacation!! Mozambique and the dirty beaches of Maputo

– Running my first half marathon and exploring Cape Town was a great 27th bday present

– Bushfire music festival

– Seeing my family after two years and being so nervous waiting for them at the restaurant, I arrived 4 hours early and drank 6 cups of coffee

– Family vacation!! (Swaziland, Kruger, Victoria Falls and Cape Town)

– That damn baboon that stole my peanut butter M&Ms in Vic Falls. (I’m still bitter about this one.)

– Riding elephants with the family.

– Running my second half marathon and being harassed by drunk people during the race

– All the drama at my site and wanting out so so badly

– Durban for NYE and attending a music festival in a thunderstorm, in an open field

– Getting so sunburnt on vacation I spent the last day at a movie instead of at the beach

– Being excited to find out that McDonalds has veggie burgers in South Africa and eating them more times than I should admit

– moving to a better site with real work and good kitchen mates

– Kilimanjaro!!!!

– Working with preschool teachers on understanding disabilities and having them actually be interested

– Last vacation, weekend in Nelspruit and sadly McDonalds veggie burger again (Also got to see Pitch Perfect 2)!!

– COS conference and preparing to say goodbye to Swaziland and the other PCVs

– Bushfire music festival (year 2)

– Realizing I’ve been here 2 years and have less than 2 months left and things I still want to get done…


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