If you’re feeling generous…

Thanks for all the amazing care packages during my time here. As I will be returning home soon there isn’t much point in sending any more letters or packages. I’ll be in Illinois in early August and will hopefully make rounds to visit people once I settle in a little.


Thanks again for all the generosity and support! You have no idea how much it truly meant to me.


2 thoughts on “If you’re feeling generous…

  1. I thought I was following you! For some reason I was notified of two posts then nothing. I am so happy to see you doing well. I love your list, including, “wait, wait, don’t tell me” one of our favorites. Keep your list updated. Can’t wait to read more of your adventure!
    Joe’L and Carey

    • Joe’L! I am doing well. There are ups and downs but I’m happy (most of the time) and really enjoying the experience. My brother just sent my about 8 episodes of “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”. It made me very happy. I hope you and the family are also doing well! Stay in touch!

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